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Engadin ski marathon 2008 01 Mar 2008

Been training for the last couple of months now and the day is fast approaching when I'll be hauling myself around some snowy part of Switzerland with a few thousand other blokes with skis for 26.2 miles. No, it is NOT downhill. Search on YouTube if you'd like to see what it's all about. Will report back when I return in a week and a bit!

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European ski resorts by airport 13 Mar 2007

One thing that I think is often overlooked when people pick a ski resort is the distance it is away from the airport. If your skiing holiday is only for a week, leaving home early on a Saturday morning and getting there in time for some time on the slopes that afternoon/evening is a big bonus! So here's a list of European destinations by their distance from the runways with some other info incl...


Oh no, no snow! 12 Dec 2006

The amount of snow at european ski resorts is drastically less this year, so I guess that means no skiing this year. But hey, there still is a way to keep up those ski skills - take an online ski lesson. Go through some of the questions to narrow down what you need work on and they provide useful tips!

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Which Ski Resort? 29 Oct 2006

This is for those hoping to go skiing this winter but finding it difficult to decide where to go. Choosing a ski resort can be tricky, especially in Europe. But here's a useful tool - The Snow Co Resort Selector. You fill out a questionnaire and out pops a list of suitable destinations for your holiday. Easy!

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Some great video clips 23 Oct 2005

Ski jump gone wrong.
Lucky basketball shot.
Swerving free kick.
Awesome table football skills.

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A moguls mogul... not yet! 17 Jan 2004

Got back from Courchevel today and had a great time! Apparently Roman "Chelski" Abramovich was there at the start of the week. Unfortunately a billionaire still can't control the weather though... it was dire. There were avalanche warnings every day and rain for the whole of another. Unheard of for Jan. I blame Bush for the global warming. But that really was the only bad thing about the week. ...

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"Cosmopolitan and chic"... 09 Jan 2004

...apparently is what Courchevel 1850 is described as, so why we blue collar workers are going there tomorrow I have no idea! May well be doing lots of this in the week and scare some french folk.

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(no subject) 12 Nov 2002

Some of my workmates got into the audience of the Frank Skinner Show last night which is showing this evening. How exciting! Minesh is the odd-looking indian bloke who's right under Frank when he's singing "Fun Town Frankie". No sign of Dan though because apparently he got moved towards the back, the reason being that his head was too big! Rude.

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