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Eat your garden snails 18 May 2007

Having posted the video of them in action yesterday, I though I'd mention that I saw a programme recently where Gordon Ramsey explained that the snails in your garden are just as good to eat as escargot you'd get in a posh restaurant. Here's how to prepare them -

Before you can eat garden snails you have to get rid of their toxins. For the first two days, leave the snails in a container without ...

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Those crazy snails 17 May 2007

If we could talk to snails, we'd probably find out that they're actually adrenalin junkies. They're always playing chicken on the pavement with the passers by, and judging by this YouTube vid , they're forever messing around with each other like hyper-active monkeys, only at a slower pace.

Flix users have already shown me their lazy cats and now these daredevil snails. Someone must have a pet tu...

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