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TheJesusComic 09 Dec 2009

TheJesusComic has been added to the App Store! This was an idea originally thought up by Jason Ramasami which I have been helping turn into an iPhone app. More info here.

If you have an iPhone and download it, let us know via Twitter what you think!

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Convert web page to image 10 Sep 2009

HTML2Image is a new piece of software we've developed that captures the HTML code of a web page and renders it to an image file . This is useful for making a thumbnail or snapshot of any standard URL. The trial version is limited with having a watermark on all images that are created. A license to upgrade to the full version costs $25.

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Play chess and have a webcam? 19 Feb 2009

ChessClock is software that functions as a digital chess clock and also takes pictures of the board after every move so that a time lapse video of the game can be made for analysis afterwards. The timer and webcam function could be useful for other two-player games like Scrabble, Go, etc.

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iScrollr iPhone app 13 Jan 2009

iScrollr is an iPhone / iTouch application that lets you display a scrolling message. The text is large, can be displayed in a variety of colours and backgrounds. There are nine messages that can be preset and the ticker speed can also be adjusted.

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Top 5 iPhone apps 20 Dec 2008

Here's my list of essential iPhone apps.

  • Shakespeare: The complete works of William Shakespeare
  • TapDefense: An addictive game that's also very hard
  • Truphone: Make even your iPod Touch a phone via VOIP
  • iScrollr: Display scrolling text to communicate across a crowded area
  • TubeStatus: Get updates of any underground delays. Versions in other cities also available


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Long exposure webcam 05 Apr 2008

Some Nimisis software that's been popular with star gazers and academics is Exposure, which makes long exposure images with a webcam. There's a new version out now which allows users to set where to save the resulting image and also what format, i.e. compressed or uncompressed.

To download go here.

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MS Word doc to text converter 02 Apr 2008

A while back I wrote some anti-plagiarism software. It compares all the documents in a folder against each other for evidence of copying. The feedback is that it needs to be able to accept more file formats, in addition to plain text format, in particular Microsoft Word documents. So I've made a free utility that can batch convert files from doc to txt format. Popular software source files such...

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Software to detect plagiarism 25 Jan 2008

I recently saw an article about the growing problem of plagiarism among students and so I've written a little piece of software as a tool to aid teachers in the fight against it. The application is called Collusion and allows users to select a folder on their hard drive that contains the students' essays. These are then checked against each other for evidence of "copy-and-paste".

This is version...

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Extra Mile Algo Standard 24 May 2007

I've invented my own little standard for folk who put source code for algorithms on the web. It's called the Extra Mile Algo Standard , the reason being that it requires the publisher to put a tiny bit more effort into how they present their work. It should be worth it though!

More details are here, together with an example. All comments are very welcome.

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New Google Groups 09 Apr 2007

.) These two applications are particularly well suited to have their own group or forum as Flix is about making timelapse videos and Warp is about making funny photos, so I'm hoping that folk will feel free to share their creations!

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Google PageRank Calculator 08 Feb 2007

The latest addition to my list of homebrew applications is a Google PageRank calculator. If you have a website and want to do some search engine optimisation this will hopefully be a useful tool.

I thought I'd also use this entry as a place where comments can be posted for PR score comparison purposes, so feel free to add what your site scored, how many pages were crawled and the number of calc...

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Picasa 06 Dec 2006

Recently tried out Google's photo organisation app, Picasa and I've got to say that I'm impressed. Some old school photos in the depths of my hard drive were found which I'm sure I would've lost otherwise. If this grabs you, take the tour via the banner below.

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Ripper v1.0 out now! 03 Dec 2006

Ripper is an application that periodically grabs online images to create timelapse movies. Pictures are ripped off a specified website every few seconds, minutes or hours , then they are merged together as frames in a time-lapse video. Some cool effects can be achieved this way.

For more details see this page.

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Screen Recording Software 01 Nov 2006

Ever needed to demonstrate how to do something to a person not able to see your monitor? One method would be to record the display on the PC into a video and then email it. What's the easiest way to do that, short of having to prop up a camcorder up to point at the screen? A free and easy to use solution is CamStudio.

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Learn the piano hack 24 Sep 2006

Now I don't really read music, but I do enjoy being able to reel off a thing or two on the piano, sort of Bill-Murray-in-Groundhog-Day style . It's hard work... at least for me. So for a while now I've been thinking of adding to my list of homebrew projects a piece of software that could take midi files of piano pieces and highlight the piano keys being played on a keyboard during playback. It ...

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Warp 1.0 Out Now! 24 Oct 2005

Last week I made a little image warping application called "Warp" that will be available for download from download.com. There's a page about it here.

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