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Remote control electronic scoreboard 24 Sep 2008

Presenting a new piece of software - this time for Mac users! Scorer is an electronic scoreboard that can be controlled via the Apple Remote. Take your laptop to your next volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton game that you're playing in and let this keep the score for you. [Download]

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Sports related Facebook apps 02 Feb 2008

A new little Facebook application I've created is a widget that lists current and upcoming events on our sister site Sportomaniac. With the African Nations Cup going on, Six Nations Rugby, SuperBowl and staple of Premiership football, there's loads going on!

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Live sports chat 17 Nov 2007

This is a plug for Sportomaniac - a new user-driven live sports chat site. Sports fans can gather while a fixture is going on and voice their views, vent frustrations and even vote on how well the referee is doing! A demo page is available to check out here.

Registration is required to participate in the banter, but that's quick and easy. A page for a particular event can be created by register...

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(no subject) 15 Oct 2006

Sports fans looking for international competitions any month of the year will love the International Sports Calendar, a simple online database that keeps track of anything from archery in Algeria to wushu in Zimbabwe.

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Sports Personality of the Year 12 Dec 2004

BBC Sports Personality of the Year - Matthew Pinsent comes close but it's got to be Kelly Holmes surely!

Sports Personality of the Year

(no subject) 14 Dec 2003

It's BBC Sports Personality of the Year tonight. I wonder, just wonder who's going to win?

Here's my impression of a famous sports personality. Know who it is?

"I been doing something new for this fight.
Been chopping down trees.
Wrestled with an alligator.
That's right. Wrestled an alligator.
Tussled with a whale.
Handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail.
That's right.
Just last week I murdered a ...

Sports Personality of the Year

Ooone-undred-and-EIGHTY!!! 07 Jan 2003

Darts is not a sport in my opinion. Players of a sport must be athletes. It's not terribly interesting, but it is strangely watchable. This guy Tony David is a bit of a legend actually, even though he's Australian.

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