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Real time website statistics 18 Mar 2008

Want to see your website's visitors the moment they arrive? Interested in where they came from and how they navigate around your pages? Well, you can with Live Web Stats, which is now out of beta and available for webmasters with PHP and MySQL on their servers to purchase and install.

A demo page is here.

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Discount shopping made even easier 21 Jun 2007

A live feed of the new products found by Price Cut Review is now up and running. There is a UK version too although it should be noted that the US one has many more items and is therefore updated more frequently.

This feature is quite similar to Live Web Stats, which is offered here at Nimisis.com, in that it uses Ajax and allows you to see what's going on in real time. Currently the live produ...

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Live Web Stats 31 May 2007

With a bit of javascript voodoo, MySQL magic and php trickery, you can find out, in real time, who's visiting your website, where they came from and where they're going. Here's a demo page of what I'm talking about.

This is still in beta, but if you're interested in installing Live Web Stats on your website, find out more here.

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How accurate is Alexa? 30 Apr 2007

Alexa.com, the "web information company" is designed to provide statistics on the popularity of websites on the internet - I just wonder how accurate it is at doing so.

Alexa gathers its statistics using the Alexa Toolbar which is an add-on to Internet Explorer. There's the first problem - there's no official Firefox version. . I think most would agree that the more savvy web user will tend to u...

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Demographics prediction 19 Apr 2007

From Microsoft adCenter labs is a potentially quite powerful tool that predicts the demographics for a particular search term.

"You can use adCenter technology to predict a customer's age, gender, and other demographic information according to his or her online behavior-that is, from search queries and webpage views. General Distribution is the breakdown by age of MSN Search users-based on a one...

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High IQ Child = Vegetarian Adult 17 Dec 2006

Correlations like this are quite interesting. Freakonomics is an excellent book I read recently about seemingly unlikely links and trends.

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