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Spread Trading 07 Aug 2008

Got a free ticket to a Traders University seminar from Knowledge to Action yesterday. Thought I was going to learn more about trading strategies - turns out it's all about spread betting . Be aware that this IS gambling people! It was all extremely disorganised but there were interesting parts to it. At the end they asked for £3K to attend a 2-day course... to which I said no thanks.

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Nintendo Wii Fit 24 Apr 2008

It's the UK release date for the Nintendo Wii Fit tomorrow. There's now no excuse not to get a bit healthier and do some exercise! Just in case stock runs out like the Wii console did, there's a Wii Fit stock finder to help get hold of one.

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Nintendo DS Lite in stock checker 15 Dec 2007

Nintendo pulled their TV adverts for the Wii last week because stocks were so low. There's still a trickle, but I get the feeling people are giving up. Sales for the portable DS Lite are way up and even they are now very hard to get hold of.

So, I've made a stock finder for DS's too . If you're in search for a DS, I hope it helps you find one.

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Apple iPhone in stock checker 05 Jun 2007

Similar to the one I did for the Nintendo Wii , I've set up an email notification service for folk gagging to get their hands on the soon-to-be-released Apple iPhone. When there are iPhones in the shops, you'll receive an alert via email. Sign up now!

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Make money from taking photos 01 May 2007

Rate yourself as a bit of a photographer and want some extra pocket money? You don't have to be a pro and work for a newspaper anymore. A couple of sites accept photos from Joe Public and will sell them for you for a fee. Check out iStockPhoto and CitizenImage.

iStockPhoto is the bigger of the two. My application is still being processed. This involves a little test to check that you've learnt ...

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PS3 in stock! 23 Mar 2007

The eagerly awaited Playstation 3 has been released in UK! If you want one but find that shops are now out of stock, you could sign up to my notification service, where you'll be emailed as soon as stock hits the shelves.

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PS3 in stock checker 12 Jan 2007

In anticipation of the eventual release of the PlayStation 3 in UK, I've made a PS3 stock checker. Sign up to be notified by email when new stock arrives. There's also a Nintendo Wii stock check page. Amazon.co.uk had it just this morning!

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Nintendo, Wii have a problem 07 Dec 2006

The Wii comes out tomorrow and unless you're willing to queue out in the rain overnight, or have a pre-order for tomorrow, getting one will have to wait. Luckily, there is an excellent site that will track inventories across the UK for new stock and alert you if you so wish - Nowinstock.net.

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Share predictor 10 Dec 2002

After a fair few months of development, I'm now finally ready to show the world my online share predictor! Right now you're probably thinking, "Yeah right Dave, sure you can predict tomorrow's stock market prices!" But bare bear with me. I'm going to start a little experiment to quiet all you cynics. Yesterday I invested a virtual 100k to buy and sell shares with over the next few weeks. If my ...

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