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Spread Trading 07 Aug 2008

Got a free ticket to a Traders University seminar from Knowledge to Action yesterday. Thought I was going to learn more about trading strategies - turns out it's all about spread betting . Be aware that this IS gambling people! It was all extremely disorganised but there were interesting parts to it. At the end they asked for £3K to attend a 2-day course... to which I said no thanks.

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Share predictor 10 Dec 2002

After a fair few months of development, I'm now finally ready to show the world my online share predictor! Right now you're probably thinking, "Yeah right Dave, sure you can predict tomorrow's stock market prices!" But bare bear with me. I'm going to start a little experiment to quiet all you cynics. Yesterday I invested a virtual 100k to buy and sell shares with over the next few weeks. If my ...

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