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Free HMRC workshops 25 Sep 2008

Few people seem to know that HM Revenue & Customs offer free workshops around the UK on various subjects to do with tax, employment and other money matters. Here's a list of what they offer. From personal experience I can say that they're very good! For example, those who are self-employed and about to do self-assessment tax returns might benefit from checking out the relevant workshop before t...

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Let's get our money back 07 Apr 2008

British taxpayers have spent over £10 million in the Princess Diana inquest that today returned the verdict that she was unlawfully killed. Something we all already knew. So let's get our money back. What's stopping Al Fayed from getting sued? He brought about this pointless exercise and he was the employer of the grossly negligent driver Henri Paul.

I can't imagine the governement doing anythin...

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Online tax deadline today 31 Jan 2008

More than 150000 people filed their tax returns on deadline day last year. Looks like it's a similar story this time round - the website is "temporarily unavailable". So perhaps it's a good time to review some of the common errors made on self-assessment forms:

Common errors:

  • Failure to complete a separate supplementary page for each individual employment.
  • Entering employee personal pension premiu...

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Has the budget left you better off? 21 Mar 2007

Gordon Brown announced the budget today. The change getting the headlines is the 2p tax cut, but are you really better off? Find out using the budget calculator!

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Council tax up again above inflation 19 Mar 2007

Got my council tax bill for the year in the post today and surprise, surprise it's gone up by 5%. That's about double the rate of inflation. As if Surbiton residents aren't already paying the most council tax in UK! Knowing Kingston Borough Council they'll probably waste it on pointless things like magazines nobody reads and more iPlus information points. I've never ever seen anyone use one of ...

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Are you paying too much council tax? 25 Jan 2007

I hope some people make some money from this, or rather get some back. We, in the borough of Kingston pay the most council tax in the country so I feel extra obliged to point you to this page, which explains how your house could very well be in the wrong council tax banding. If so, you could claim back overpayments from as far back as the early 1990s!

This is going to be a big story when it goes...

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Payday 26 Sep 2002

Yes! Got paid today. At least I won't have to rob a bank now. Although I'm not happy about how much the taxman has taken! A huge chunk!