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Free tickets to British Motor Show 24 Jul 2008

The British International Motor show is now on at ExCel London. Tickets cost £20 but if you spend £30 or more at Burton, you get a pair of tickets for free! There's still a week left of the show so plenty of time! Note also that tickets are going fairly cheaply on eBay...

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Cheaper train tickets 16 Apr 2008

theTrainLine.com wasn't always like this but I noticed the difference having had to book various tickets recently. I know Exponent Private Equity acquired them in July 2006 for £168 million. Sounds a bit pricey to me - maybe that's the reason for this behaviour? Don't let them get away with it!

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Premiership ticket prices 13 Aug 2007

As if football tickets weren't expensive enough already, three teams in the English Premier League have decided to raise their ticket prices still further this season. They deserve to be named and shamed! It's interesting to note that after this first weekend of action, all three are in the bottom half of the table. In fact, Spurs and West Ham are in the relegation zone!

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Cheap flights search engine 18 Mar 2007

"...searches a huge selection of airlines around the world for the best flights and connections. Find the fastest route, check the latest price, find links to airlines and travel agents."

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