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Time lapse chess 01 Dec 2008

Burrell vs Butler. An epic game. Made using Flix.

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Time lapse drawing 04 Apr 2008

This very talented artist recorded his drawing being created using Nimisis.com's webcam timelapse software, Flix.

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San Francisco bay area time lapse 14 Mar 2008

Here's a video made using Ripper which captured images every few minutes from a webcam in San Francisco. I like the end where you can see the planes coming in to land.

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Ice Melting time lapse movie 16 Feb 2007

I made this video a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps partly inspired by the Planet Earth series that's been on TV recently I thought it would be interesting to move the camera during the creation process. I did this by making a simple Lego Mindstorms robot and strapping the webcam to the back of it as it moved about a millimetre every fifteen seconds. By no means the most interesting vid but I thin...

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Cool time lapse movie 09 Feb 2007

I think this was made in and around Plymouth... Grab a webcam and Flix to make something similar.

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Where to watch the Northern Lights 05 Jan 2007

YouTube for one!

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Pimp my plane 24 Dec 2006

Heathrow airport's been suffering with heavy fog this past week. So just how long does it take to churn out out a new plane and take on some extra passengers? Not too long by the looks of it. Here's another time lapse vid, this time of a jet getting the "pimp my ride" treatment.

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Reno balloon race time lapse vid 17 Dec 2006

And if anyone wants to make time lapse movies themselves using a webcam, check out Flix.

Reno balloon race, time lapse, video, Flix

Ripper v1.0 out now! 03 Dec 2006

Ripper is an application that periodically grabs online images to create timelapse movies. Pictures are ripped off a specified website every few seconds, minutes or hours , then they are merged together as frames in a time-lapse video. Some cool effects can be achieved this way.

For more details see this page.

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High Definition Time Lapse Video 16 Oct 2006

Here's a link to an amazing time lapse video shot in high def. For those interested in making their own time lapse videos , check out the little application I wrote called Webcam Flix.

high definition, time lapse, webcam, Flix

Out now! Webcam Flix version 2 31 Aug 2006

Following the success of Flix 1.0 , version 2 is now ready for download to make your time lapse webcam videos even better. New features include capture resolution of 640x480 and ability to use in conjuction with Windows Task Scheduler to capture frames at, say, 10am every morning.

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Webcam Flix 01 May 2006

This is just an entry for users of my time lapse application Webcam Flix to leave feedback, make comments on what they'd like to see in the next version and report any bugs they come across.

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