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Church iPhone apps 29 Oct 2010

The new iPhone app for St Helen's Bishopsgate is now out! If you want a version for your church, have a look at this document which contains details of what I need from you in order to make it. Do get in touch!

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eBay Local 31 Aug 2009

Here's a video demonstration of a tool to help eBayers find items near them so that they can arrange collection in person and save on postage and packing fees. There's also a video to check out for a tool called eBay Spy which presents a real time feed of closing auctions.

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What is eRepublik? 13 Oct 2008

There's a lot of buzz at the moment about a new MMOG called eRepublik. Here's a tour.

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Dancing Matt 10 Aug 2008

A great feel-good video for a Sunday afternoon!

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What do McCain and Obama stand for? 27 Jul 2008

Can't really help you there. But here's a useful Google gadget that performs a video search through the speeches made by the two presidential candidates for keywords such as "health" or "Taiwan" to hear what they've said about those issues. A search for "change" by Obama might yield a fair few results!

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San Francisco bay area time lapse 14 Mar 2008

Here's a video made using Ripper which captured images every few minutes from a webcam in San Francisco. I like the end where you can see the planes coming in to land.

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Pantomime season 13 Jan 2008

Made using a webcam and Flix, here's a time lapse video showing the huge amount of effort that goes into preparing a panto for the public. Thanks Jon!

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Ang Lee 14 Dec 2007

Taiwanese director Ang Lee was on the radio today promoting his new film "Lust, Caution". It was a good interview, at least, it sounds like it went a lot better than one he had with Stewart Lee, soon after "The Hulk" came out...

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Pixar presents Lifted 19 Oct 2007

Lifted - a very entertaining animated short :) A sort of driving test with a difference!

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Floods in Oxford, and more 31 Jul 2007

Despite getting her bottom pinched during a live broadcast for Channel 4, I think Sue Turton does very well to stay unfazed and keep going with her story!

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Sir Garfield Sobers' six sixes 01 Apr 2007

The feat by Herschell Gibbs the other day was, of course, famously done previously by Sir Garfield Sobers and I found a link to it. Here's footage of the man hitting six sixes in one over against Glamorgan bowler Malcolm Nash in 1968.

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Ice Melting time lapse movie 16 Feb 2007

I made this video a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps partly inspired by the Planet Earth series that's been on TV recently I thought it would be interesting to move the camera during the creation process. I did this by making a simple Lego Mindstorms robot and strapping the webcam to the back of it as it moved about a millimetre every fifteen seconds. By no means the most interesting vid but I thin...

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Cool time lapse movie 09 Feb 2007

I think this was made in and around Plymouth... Grab a webcam and Flix to make something similar.

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Driving across USA 26 Jan 2007

The soundtrack's good too! And by the way, you could make something like this yourself using Flix.

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Where to watch the Northern Lights 05 Jan 2007

YouTube for one!

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Pimp my plane 24 Dec 2006

Heathrow airport's been suffering with heavy fog this past week. So just how long does it take to churn out out a new plane and take on some extra passengers? Not too long by the looks of it. Here's another time lapse vid, this time of a jet getting the "pimp my ride" treatment.

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Reno balloon race time lapse vid 17 Dec 2006

And if anyone wants to make time lapse movies themselves using a webcam, check out Flix.

Reno balloon race, time lapse, video, Flix

Make videos with a webcam 08 Dec 2006

The search logs for nimisis are showing quite a few people looking for video capture with a webcam of the "bog standard" variety, rather than time lapse or long exposure capture. So, here's a link to what you would need - AmCap

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Nintendo Wii preview 18 Nov 2006

Only 3 days until Amazon.co.uk take pre-orders for the Wii and 3 weeks till it actually comes out! If you're not currently planning to buy one, you might be tempted after watching this.

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Worst burglary ever 14 Nov 2006

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A Wii bit exciting 06 Nov 2006

Here's a video showing The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on starting up on the soon to be released Nintendo Wii.

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Remember, remember the what of November? 05 Nov 2006

I guess what happened to this fireworks factory was the kind of effect Guy Fawkes wanted for the Houses of Parliament 400 years ago...

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The Nintendo Wii is cool 13 Oct 2006

Why? Watch this.

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World Records 03 Oct 2006

I met someone over the weekend who was in the guiness book of world records . Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool to have that on your cv. I mean, there seems to be an inifinite number of ways to get in but I just couldn't think of anything good to try myself on the spot. Wish I'd thought of this.

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Van Persie goal 02 Oct 2006

This was from the weekend game against Charlton. Has goal of the season been decided already?

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How to animate music 14 Sep 2006

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Chelsea lose community shield 13 Aug 2006

Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1 today! Even the new England captain John Terry couldn't influence the outcome. Although I think it's a good choice of captain by new England coach Steve McClaren, unfortunately whenever John Terry's name is mentioned, I just see the incident of Ronaldinho running him over and scoring in last year's Champion's League. It was a superb goal. Oh, and he scored against Che...

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Powers of ten 23 Jan 2006

Here's another video for you to watch . It's excellent. I remember this from school.


Table tennis kung fu style 23 Jan 2006

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(no subject) 24 Oct 2005

Here's another great video clip, this time of David Elsewhere in Kollaboration 4.

video, David Elsewhere

Some great video clips 23 Oct 2005

Ski jump gone wrong.
Lucky basketball shot.
Swerving free kick.
Awesome table football skills.

video, skiing, football

(no subject) 25 Sep 2005

A couple of links:
Check out this amazing table tennis rally .
How secure is your PC?

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(no subject) 10 May 2005

Adverts that are fun to watch are hard to find! Here are two; that VW golf one with David Elsewhere posing as Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain and the one by Skoda with the fat gymnast doing a floor routine .

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Wipeouts 14 Jul 2004

Watch the best wipeouts of this year's Winter X Games VIII here.

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Nimisis Webcam 26 Aug 2003

Been messing about on a video capture project for the best part of two weeks now. What fun! I've caught the IT manager scratching his backside in one mpg, a guy in sales doing a very strange dance down the corridor and a colleague picking his nose and sneezing . All this playing has shown me that writing a little webcam program isn't that hard, so I've knocked one up right here on nimisis. So n...

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