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Take a virtual tour of 10 Downing Street 28 Dec 2006

Have a look around Tony Blair's digs here.

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Virtual Ryder Cup 20 Sep 2006

The Ryder Cup is great, especially when Europe wins. But to be honest, watching golf is difficult sometimes as the ball is so small. It's frustrating as there's no reason why it can't be made a lot more fun. Here's an idea that I hope some company like Virtual Spectator or the Hawk Eye people might implement sometime soon. Now Hawk Eye are the people who track cricket balls and more recently te...

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Euro 2004 13 Jun 2004

If you live in Europe, then it can't have escaped your attention that Euro 2004 started yesterday! I found a new thing on BBC sport that replays goals and incidents virtually, just in case you couldn't see the TV coverage. It's called "Virtual Replay." A brilliant idea. I work in 3d graphics and simulation so it's especially interesting to me to find that this sort of thing is taking off in spo...

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(no subject) 30 May 2003

If any of you like me are suffering from end of football season blues, here are two good links I've come across - A virtual tour of the new Wembley Stadium and Shaolin Soccer. By all accounts it looks like a classic. One of my colleagues just got the dvd from CD-Wow and I'm dying to borrow it off him!

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