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Wiping the floor at 2012 25 Mar 2011

Noticed an advert yesterday for jobs at the London Olympics next year. Haven't bought any tickets yet but the thought occcured to me that being a floor mopper at the volleyball would be ideal as it'd mean court-side seats to lots of games. Question now is, how do I tailer my CV to get this gig? "Plentiful cleaning experience", "I don't perspire", "My Reeboks don't scuff the floor"...

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Volleyball in London 25 Jul 2008

Another video...

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More Olympic volleyball please 21 Jul 2008

I'm a bit of a volleyball nut. And I want to see more of it covered on TV during the forthcoming Olympic Games. So I've written a letter to the BBC and I'm hoping you might also want to send in should you feel the same way.

Btw, In doing some of the research I stumbled upon this article about the history of volleyball.

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South west London volleyball 13 Jun 2008

Here's a clip of our weekly session in the park. Should've hit the final spike a bit harder...


Mixed outdoor volleyball in London 15 Apr 2008

There's a mixed outdoor volleyball meetup organised for this Saturday afternoon in Surbiton. Get in touch if you want to come along!

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Rainbow Wahine 17 Dec 2004

The University of Hawaii volleyball team is pretty awesome and I could've predicted that they'd have a great season when I saw them play on my holiday... so nearly unbeaten!

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(no subject) 26 May 2003

In 1935 Jesse Owens broke 4 world records in 45 minutes. But equally legendary are Downing College Volleyball Club who have come third in their division for the summer league! Nice one guys.

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(no subject) 17 Jun 2002

Played some of the best volleyball of my life today. The "Downing Villagers" did so well! We got out of Group C and into the quarter finals undefeated but then lost the plot against the Zoology department. I hate animals now. Shame... but we did well.

See the results.

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