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Long exposure webcam 05 Apr 2008

Some Nimisis software that's been popular with star gazers and academics is Exposure, which makes long exposure images with a webcam. There's a new version out now which allows users to set where to save the resulting image and also what format, i.e. compressed or uncompressed.

To download go here.

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Is it obvious when you lie? 17 Jun 2007

This is a little experiment to test how subtle you come across during the odd occasion that you try to be "creative with the truth." A webcam, speakers and Flash Player 9 are required to take part. For the sake of not spoiling the results, you are asked to do the test first - the theory is explained further down on this page.

Turn on the speakers and set up your webcam so that your face will be ...

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Take long exposure photos with a webcam 22 Dec 2006

Version 2 of Webcam Exposure is out! Improvements include support for high definition cameras and some minor bug fixes from version 1.

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Make videos with a webcam 08 Dec 2006

The search logs for nimisis are showing quite a few people looking for video capture with a webcam of the "bog standard" variety, rather than time lapse or long exposure capture. So, here's a link to what you would need - AmCap

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Mugshot 2.0 is out! 30 Oct 2006

A new version of Mugshot is available for download from this page. A few bugs have been fixed and the resolution of captured photos has been improved.

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High Definition Time Lapse Video 16 Oct 2006

Here's a link to an amazing time lapse video shot in high def. For those interested in making their own time lapse videos , check out the little application I wrote called Webcam Flix.

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Out now! Webcam Flix version 2 31 Aug 2006

Following the success of Flix 1.0 , version 2 is now ready for download to make your time lapse webcam videos even better. New features include capture resolution of 640x480 and ability to use in conjuction with Windows Task Scheduler to capture frames at, say, 10am every morning.

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Webcam Exposure 01 May 2006

This is just an entry for users of my digital long exposure application Webcam Exposure to leave feedback, make comments on what they'd like to see in the next version and report any bugs they come across.

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Webcam Flix 01 May 2006

This is just an entry for users of my time lapse application Webcam Flix to leave feedback, make comments on what they'd like to see in the next version and report any bugs they come across.

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Mugshot 03 Apr 2005

Mugshot is a home security application I've written that uses a digital camera or webcam to detect motion in your home. If an intruder, burglar or even nosy housemate is seen, a snapshot is taken and emailed to you. So, should the thief steal your PC or laptop computer, you can still take the pictures of the perpetrator to the police for identification and provide evidence of the crime to autho...

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Webcam project 22 Feb 2005

I'm going to make me one of these anti-burglar webcam security applications. Coming soon with source code... when I have some spare time!

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Nimisis Webcam 26 Aug 2003

Been messing about on a video capture project for the best part of two weeks now. What fun! I've caught the IT manager scratching his backside in one mpg, a guy in sales doing a very strange dance down the corridor and a colleague picking his nose and sneezing . All this playing has shown me that writing a little webcam program isn't that hard, so I've knocked one up right here on nimisis. So n...

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(no subject) 16 Sep 2002

Hmmm, have decided against the webcam. Wouldn't want to break your monitors.


(no subject) 27 Aug 2002

Today's turning out to be a really good day and it's only lunchtime. My shares are up, the landlord may actually do something about my sink, and my new camera has arrived. It's awesome. Have been playing around with it all morning. May even get a webcam up on this page, who knows?! The fact that I can take short movie clips with it has made me determined to catch myself in a sneeze. Then I can ...