HTML2Image is an application that saves a standard web page as an image file. The HTML code is rendered to common image formats such as png, gif or jpg.


A1: Images will display a watermark.
A2: HTML2Image is shareware, not freeware and costs $10. (Please also read the notes to the right if you intend to purchase HTML2Image.)

A3: Type in the URL of the web page you want to have rendered, change any settings such as the virtual browser size and resulting image size, then press "Get URL As Image".

A4: The current settings can be found in the registry (Start->run->type "regedit"->click OK) They are listed under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Nimisis->HTML2Image.

  • BROWSER_HEIGHT and BROWSER_WIDTH change the dimensions of the web page that will be captured.
  • IMAGE_HEIGHT and IMAGE_WIDTH determine the final image dimensions.

A5: Yes, but a couple of customers did report problems with the license validation and having the default directory for saving frames set to drive C:\, though these were resolved. (Note that the registry key on newer versions of Windows is "Computer\HKEY_USERS\[some guid]\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nimisis\HTML2Image." This can also be found using "Find" in regedit. If you just installed HTML2Image and cannot find the registry, try restarting your computer.)

A6: No, but there hopefully will be soon. A customer has reported being able to emulate Windows XP on Max OS X using a program called Parallels. VMWare should also do the trick.
A7: In short, yes. Contact us with details of what you need and we'll provide a quote.
A8: You may need to "run as administrator" when starting HTML2Image so that files can be saved.

Download Trial (.msi) Download Trial (.zip) Buy License for $10

A computer.

Version 1.0 (released 10/09/09)

  • Saves URLs as images.


html 2 image screenshot