If you're asking yourself "How can I improve my website's Google PageRank?", then you've come to the right place. Ranker is a webmaster tool, more specifically a PageRank calculator that enables you to analyse how your website is interlinked, thus allowing you to change the design and ultimately increase its ranking. Perhaps there should be hyperlinks to one part of the website on the homepage or there are too many links on another page, causing "PageRank leakage." Ranker produces a quantifiable result showing you whether your incremental changes have helped produce a more search engine friendly site. Ranker also checks for dead links and informs you how far each page is from the front page.


A1: Type the website into the field (remembering to add "http://" at the front) then press "Crawl". Once the specified number of pages have been scanned, an iterative calculation is performed to produce a final value for how the website in interlinked.
A2: Only 10 pages can be crawled from the desired website and the PR calculation will only be iterated three times.
A3: Ranker costs $5. (Please also read the notes on the column to the right if you intend to purchase Ranker.)
A4: This depends on how many pages are crawled and how many PR calculation iterations are performed. In testing several "search engine optimised" websites I've found that a final value of 25 after crawling 100 pages (with 10 iterations) is a very good result.
A5: The speed of your internet connection will have a direct effect on how long it takes to calculate the PR of a website. There is also an artificial delay of two seconds between page scans integrated into the application so that the server is not put under too much stress, effectively subjecting it to a small Denial of Service (DoS) attack.
A6: The page column is obviously the page URL. PR is the calculated PageRank contribution from the local pages. "In" are the number of links coming into the specific page and "Out", the number of links leaving the page.
A7: The PR is the calculated PageRank contribution from the local pages and is a relative measure. Contributions from inlinks of other websites are not available (as unfortunately Nimisis.com is not a large search engine and does not have those resources at its disposal).
A9: In short, yes. Contact us with details of what you need and we'll provide a quote.

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A computer and an internet connection.

Version 1.3 (released 01/04/08)

  • Return code for pages (e.g. 404 not found) are shown so doubles as a dead link finder.
  • Better link finding.
  • How far each page is from the front page ("depth") returned.


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